What We Do, and Don’t Do

In Bringing Quality Care Management Solutions to the Seqium & Port Angeles, Washington Area


What We Do:

  • We research the options and tell our clients what is available to them, including the cost and consequences, positive and negative, of each option.
  • We want our clients to use the resources already available in the community whenever appropriate. If another agency can provide the same service with equal or better quality, we will notify our clients.
  • We manage our clients’ care by assisting our clients in signing up with a reputable care giving agency. We are then back-up for the caregiver. If a caregiver gets sick and the agency cannot find a replacement, one of our staff will stay with the client while the care manager calls other agencies to find a temporary replacement caregiver. We are not a care giving agency.
  • We work with family and friends, acting as liaison with those out of town and providing back up when they are unable to respond to a situation.
  • We can act as Durable Power of Attorney or Guardian and can provide a list of elder law attorneys. We are happy to answer lay questions regarding the responsibilities of a DPOA or Guardian and the process of getting a guardianship established.
  • We use a corporate credit card to make all purchases and then itemize the purchases on the client’s monthly statement. This way there is an accurate accounting for any money spent.
  • Because we strive to “work ourselves out of a job,” help our clients keep on top of their finances, and help them avoid medical crises, our clients find that they get an excellent return on their investment.


What We Do NOT Do:

  • Tell our clients what to do.
  • Insist our clients only use us.
  • Provide personal care
  • Take the place of family and friends.
  • Draft legal documents.
  • Have the client write a blank check for groceries and other shopping.
  • Cost our clients a lot of money.