Services Overview

Care Management Services for Residents of the Sequim and Port Angeles, Washington Area

We work on an As-Needed Basis: You may use our care management services as a non-member or as a member. Our minimum is 15-minutes for a visit or consultation and 6-minutes for paperwork, bookkeeping, phone calls, etc., that we do in-office.

We are On-Call 24/7: There is a staff person available around the clock for urgent needs. If the client has a medical problem they are encouraged to call 911 first, then call Bridge Builders, Ltd.

Accompany to Medical Appointments: We will meet clients at their doctor appointments and sit in with them. We will act as liaison with out of area family members.

Coordinating Care: We can coordinate volunteers, family, friends and caregivers to provide in-home support and make sure there are no gaps in services.

Bill Pay and Financial Organizing: We offer bill paying tailored to our clients’ needs and wishes. We can oversee finances to ensure funds are always accounted for. We can do as little as a monthly reconciliation to full bookkeeping.

Advocate with Insurance Companies: We can assist with medical insurance issues, getting long-term care insurance activated and any other issues that might be problematic to clients.

Mail Sorting and Filing: We can assist with organizing clients’ papers, go through mail to determine what is trash and just generally help make sense out of the mountains of paper that clients have to deal with.

Residential Placement Assistance: We can help with determining which adult family home, assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility would be the best fit for a loved one.

Homecoming: We can prepare the home when a client returns after a hospital stay. We can arrange for medical equipment, arrange for caregivers, stock the refrigerator, pick up the mail and even arrange for a hot meal to be ready upon arrival.