Speciality Services

Bringing Specialty Care Management to the Residents of Sequim & Port Angeles, Washington Area

Care Management: Coordinate care for clients; facilitate connecting clients with resources within the community; accompany them to medical and other appointments and make sure they follow up appropriately; when arranged, act as liaison with out of area family to keep them apprised of the situation; assist with bill pay if needed; 24-hour, 7-day a week on-call services for urgent needs; work on specialty care management services on an as-needed basis – 15 minute minimum.

  • Assist with transition from hospital or rehabilitation to home.
  • Coordinate caregivers when multiple agencies need to be used.
  • Assist with activating long-term care insurance policies.
  • Assist with other forms of paperwork and/ or bill paying assistance.
  • We specialize in creative solutions for resistant or challenging behaviors.

Consultation Services: We are available for individuals and/or their families to consult regarding the care needs of individuals. We can coach families struggling with the difficult behaviors of a family member on methods that may accomplish the goal while circumventing resistance from the individual needing the assistance. We can also explain the process of guardianship and the responsibilities involved to those contemplating initiating a guardianship on an individual.

Act as Power of Attorney: For those who have no one to act as Power of Attorney, we are willing to be designated.

Support Services for acting Powers of Attorney: For those acting as Power of Attorney and need some assistance, we offer support services ranging from consultation to care management to bookkeeping.

Act as Guardian and/or Conservator: We are a certified professional guardian agency with two certified professional guardians on staff. We strive for the least restrictive methods of care. We believe in keeping family and friends of the incapacitated person informed of the incapacitated person’s condition and also, when appropriate, request input from them when decisions need to be made.

Public Guardian: This is a pilot program through the State of Washington for the low-income. The process for this guardianship program is different than that of a private or Medicaid guardianship. The petitioning attorney and the guardian ad litem needs to contact the program manager for instructions. Please call and we will be happy to provide you with more information on this program.

Act as Representative of the Estate: When there is no other appropriate choice, we are willing to provide this service when a Will needs to go through Probate.